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This workshop is full but we are taking names for back up!

Oct 12-15, 2017     

Roger Dale Brown

Plein Air Workshop at the Brown County Art Gallery

one artist drive Nashville IN 47448.

make check payable to; The Brown County Art Gallery Association, or call for credit card payment.

317-521-1763 for more info.

2017 Workshops 

Keep a close watch, there will be many more workshops coming up soon!

Roger Dale Brown
4 Day Plein Air Workshop Supply List
Easel- Bring your Plein Air equipment. Be sure you are familiar with it and know how to
set it up.
Pallet- Probably part of your Plein Air equipment.
Paint. Roger prefers Utrechts and Gamblin Paints
Any quality brand will work. Please do not bring student grade paint. This is my pallet,
which I recommend you bring, but you can also bring the pallet you are use to using.
Any brush you use in your studio or on location will be fine. You are not required
to purchase the brushes listed, but please be sure you have the items mentioned
in the “Note:” below.
These are some of what Rogers uses:
Bristle Filberts #10, 8, 6, 4…..Rosemary or Trekell brushes.
Bristle egbert #8, 6…..Rosemary or Trekell
Bristle flat #12, 8…
Soft hair synthetic filbert. Rosemary Master Series 278 #10, 8, 4
Fan brush Trekell
Synthetic bright “6, 4, 2…Rosemary Ivory
Synthetic long filbert #2, 1… Rosemary eclipse…
I have also been using mop brushes. you can get the sets from Rosemary (Mundy
mops)or Trekell or Maxines mops are good, too
1 - 2” chip brush from Home Depot or Lowes
2 inch softening brush, Rosemary
Large,Medium and small size trowel shape palette knife
old plastic hotel room keys
This is most of what Roger use outdoors and in studio but he does try different
brushes at any given time so he may have some different brushes at the
workshops and he probably will not use every brush listed but they are the tools
he keeps with him to pull from if the need arrises.
Reds Cad Red Light
Quinacridone Rose
Yellows Cad Yellow Medium
Cad Lemon
Blues Ultramarine Blue
Cerulean Blue Hue
Earth Tones Burnt Sienna
Raw Umber
Ivory Black
White Titanium white
Alternative and easy way to ensure you have good brushes for the
1. Roger’s Bruch set through Rosemary - http://www.rosemaryandco.com/gift-sets/
2. Roger’s Brush sets through Trekell - www.trekell.com/Roger-Dale-Brown-
Note: These tools are not in the above sets…you will still need a mop
brush, good quality palette knife, hotel key card, q-tips and 2” chip brush from
Home Depot or Lowe's
2 - 12x16 inexpensive canvas panels for exercises
2 - 11x14 inexpensive canvase panes for exercises
6 - canvases 9x12 up to 12x16. (Your choice) for on location (you know how fast you
paint…if you need more canvases, feel free to do so)
Other Stuff.
Your own Plein Air sketches and reference images - just incase the weather is bad and
we can’t go outside…
Odorless Mineral spirits. I use Gamsol. DO NOT BRING REAL TURP.
Brush cleaner. Holbien makes a really good one for studio and plein air
Small sketch pad and pencil
1” masking tape
Paper towels
Plastic shopping bags for trash
Optional. Wet canvas carrier
Bug Spray
Suntan lotion
One Plein Air Landscape painting from home for private critique. Not
too large.Type your paragraph here.

Remember to get a room right away the Fall foliage will be at its peak, great for painting but Brown county has a lot of traffic during the that time.

Please email or call Roger your T shirt size, and with any other questions about the workshop. or you can call me (Wayne) and I will try to help anytime.

Thank you 

Make it a great day!

This from Roger

When you send out the supply list and remind people to get hotel rooms ASAP will you also ask them to email you back their T-shirt size. Rodger gives a T-shirt to each one of his students so as soon as you can get me that list the better so we can get them ordered in time. 


Beverlyragraph here.

Brown County, IN - October 12 - 15

4 Day Plein Air Workshop - $550   Make checks payable to the (Brown County Art Gallery Association) Mail to The Cabinet Barn 1406 meridian st Shelyville In 46176 or call w

This class will be held in Brown County, IN by Brown County Art Gallery Association. Roger will begin with an orientation and slide show of Master Artist works.  It is there that he will explain in detail the techniques and compositions of the masters, to help enhance your understanding of the foundation of painting. 

This class will cover the process of how to create a successful plein air painting. Roger will instruct you on how to compose a painting out of the vastness of the landscape, how to see as an artist, how to handle the light changing, and much more. He will also give you the thought process that he uses to create a successful painting from the foundation to a completed painting and help you with paint application.  Roger will begin the class with a slide show and a lecture that will demonstrate many of the elements that he will be teaching.  He will paint demonstrations and will give you a lot of paint time and personal critiques.

Skill Level - Intermediate thru Advanced

Class size: maximum 15

Contact: Wayne Campbell      317-512-1763

The 4 Day Plein Air Workshop is $550.  Make checks payable to the (Brown County Art Gallery Association) and mail it to The Cabinet Barn 1406 meridian st Shelyville In 46176 or call Wayne with CC information.