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~Artist Wayne E. Campbell

Wayne started painting very young, won his first competition at the Scott county fair at the age of Twelve (1969), with a portrait of Jesus. Considering himself mostly self taught but he has taken a variety instructional art work shops from; 

Patrick Saunders June 2019,

Carolyn Anderson Gesture Figurative oil Painting Oct 2018

Sherry McGraw figurative Drawing August 2018

Sherry McGraw figurative  Painting August 2018

Pam Newell Still life 2018

Bill Farnsworth E-plein Air 2018

Roger Dale Brown 2017

Carolyn Anderson Portrait 2016

C.W. Mundy Still Life 2016

(Jill Soukup Painting with Purpose) Oct 22-24 2015.

(C.W. Mundy Still Life) April 6- 9 2014.

(C.W. Mundy Plein Air) April 16-19 2012 (Landscape Plein Air)

Jerry Smith, Nov 11-12 2010 (Landscape spring )

Ron Mack May, 2010 (Landscape fall session)

Ron Mack Sept -Oct, 2009 (Portrait Artist ) Karen Patton Work shop - June, 2008 (Impressionistic plein air artist) Julie M. Houck May, 2008 (Brown county landscape artist) Kenneth Knight my mentor and good friend 1987-1995 (Brown county Landscape Artist)

Kay Pool 1993 (Portrait & Landscape Artist)

Nancy Scott 1990 (Scott county realist artist)

Glen Faulkenburg 1972 - 1973

His accomplishments include Winning many Grand champion, First place and People's choice awards.

2015 Indiana Heritage show

3 paintings accepted into the 2013 Indiana Heritage Show.

Bears of blue river festival Grand Champion and Peoples Choice 1990 and 1991.  1st place T.C. Steele 20th Annual Great Outdoor Art Contest Sept 13 2008, Peoples Choice Grover Museum Oct 2008 Juried into the Thirty-Second 2010 Annual Indiana Heritage Arts Exhibition June 12 2010. 1st place T.C. Steele 22nd Annual Great Outdoor Art Contest Sept 11 2010. T.C. Steele 2012 award. Brown County Art Guild 1st Place Senior Patrons show 2012. Brown County Art Guild patron members show 2015 Best in show. Brown County Art Guild seniors show 2015 Best in show. Listed in the Marquis Publishers of Who's Who in Americana. Vice President 2011 to 2015 Brown County Art Gallery, 2015.

President  of The Brown County Art Gallery.2015, 2016 and 2017-2018.

Wayne's has just received his 3rd US patent that will help artist of all levels.

Some of his favorite master artists -Rembrandt, Carovaggio,  Morgan Wiestling, and Nicolai Fechin.


Wayne's first studio was in Waldron Indiana during the mid 80's to the late 90's, where he painted and gave Painting workshops. Mediums Oil, Acrylic & Pastel Style; loose, impressionist to realism. Today Wayne gives workshops, Drawing Pastels and oil painting. Just look in this web site under workshops.

Memberships include several Indiana galleries. 1990 Associate member Brown County Art Gallery Association. Brown County Art Guild and Indiana Heritage Arts

Service as president of Shelbyville, Indiana SAGA Art Gallery in the early 90's.

Memberships; IPAPA of Indiana \Brown County Art Gallery Association, Nashville In. Brown County Art Gallery. Indiana Heritage Arts. Hoosier Salon Indianapolis In. Art Guild of Hope, Hope In. Founding member SAGA Shelby Art Guild Association. SAC Shelby county Arts Counsel. The Arts & Cultural Council of Decatur County. ACCDC Art on the square. Greensburg In.

Wayne became known for painting pastel portraits in early 1990's. He commissioned portraits from patrons who visited the Abe Martin Lodge in The Brown County State Park, where he set up 2 to 3 days weekly to demonstrate his art. Later he opened a small business in Shelbyville Indiana, (known as The Cabinet Barn). Where 100 or more of paintings are currently displayed.

Wayne has spent hundreds of hours on a single painting in his studio, But some painting are finished the same day. Painting is his way of relaxation and painting gives him a sense of purpose.

Oil, Acrylic or Pastel paintings created and maintained properly can last hundreds if not thousands of years.

I would like to think that my paintings will be enjoyed for many generations.

Thank you for supporting my work.

Wayne E. Campbell

Make it a great day!